Disposable Carbon Monoxide Detector Badges

CO Badge detects carbon monoxideEach year thousands of people die or are seriously injured from exposure to Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas. Low levels of exposure can cause symptoms that mimic the flu or other viruses. High levels of exposure can kill in minutes. Fortunately there is a simple and inexpensive method for detecting this silent and invisible killer. The Passive Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge has an easy-to-see, visual indicator that warns of the presence of CO gas. The red silica circle in the center of the CO Badge turns to gray or black when a Carbon Monoxide concentration is detected. It will return to the red silica color when exposed to fresh air again.

The Passive Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Badge is an effective, disposable method to monitor for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide that may be present in the area. Its small size makes it easy to share with employees, customers, vendors, friends, and family. The CO Detector Badge is an essential safety product that should be given to those who work or live in an environment where propane, gasoline, oil, wood, coal, and natural gases are used or stored. Discount pricing makes it easy to order in quantities that provide assurance of constant monitoring. Custom printing is available for orders of 1000 detectors or more.

We can custom print these Carbon Monoxide Detectors in quantities over 1000.

The CO Detector Badge has an adhesive strip on the back and a number of CO Badges can easily be located in multiple locations. Display the CO Detector Badge in a visible area on a dashboard of any kind of vehicle that uses fossil fuels, near wood stoves or portable electric generators and place inside of a garage, basement, kitchen to monitor the multiple environments simultaneou

Employees of mines, power plants, factories, warehouses, loading docks, airlines, shipping lines, ports, HVAC, and plumbing companies, etc. should wear the Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge on their shirts or uniforms. We sell sturdy Clamps that easily attach a Carbon Monoxide Badge to a shirt collar, pocket, or vest. The Clamps are made of metal with a plastic tip and are reusable.

Employees who work in vehicles such as cars, forklifts, heavy equipment, planes, or boats should adhere the Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge on the instrument panel. Because of the engine noise inside of plane and boat cockpits, or the ambient noise in a warehouse, the mounted CO Detector Badge may be the only effective way to detect CO gas. An audible alarm may simply not be heard in these kinds of environments. The adhesive will leave no traceable marks when the CO Detector Badge is removed. If the dashboard or surface is prone to vibration, it is recommended to use Velcro rather than the adhesive strip. Velcro mounts are sold separately. The small size and ease of use make the CO Detector Badge a necessary safety precaution that becomes part of weekly work routines. Constant monitoring for the presence of Carbon Monoxide could save lives!

The CO Detector Badge is a must for emergency preparedness. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and snow storms all have destructive potential that often shuts power down. If a portable generator or wood stove is a back up plan, then it is essential to use a CO Detector Badge. It doesn't require batteries or need to be plugged in. Simply tear off the plastic wrap and it starts to monitor the environment immediately. A wrapped CO Detector Badge has a long shelf life so stock up and save! Emergency situations can easily be monitored by placing the CO Detector Badges in multiple places in your home or building.

This Carbon Monoxide Detector Badge is made of non-toxic materials and comes with a convenient adhesive strip on the back that mounts almost anywhere. The Badge is approximately 2 x 2 inches square. Badge clips or Velcro mounts are sold separately and provide alternative methods to display the CO Detector Badge.

The CO Detector Badge can detect as little as 100ppm (parts per million) of Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas at approximate relative humidity ranges between 33 and 50%. If the humidity is very high it can detect concentrations as low as 20ppm.

The presence of CO will change the 'impregnated silica' color from red to red/ brown and then to gray/ black as the concentration levels increase. The change to gray/ black indicates dangerous levels of CO are present and fresh air should be sought immediately! It is highly recommended that a CO Detector Badge should be used in conjunction with an electronic CO alarm. Once the CO Detector Badge is exposed to fresh air, it will return back to the red silica color. The shelf life of an unopened CO Badge is approximately 2-3 years (expiration dates are printed on the back of the detector badge.) Once opened, the CO Detector Badge should be replaced about every 90 days.

The CO Detector Badge will be inactivated and damaged by the presence of halogens (iodine, chlorine, bromine), and ammoniac or nitrous gases. Persons with cats may not be able to use the detector in areas where the presence of ammonia is in the air from a cat litter box. Also, the CO Detector Badge is not the appropriate device for detecting CO gas while using diesel engines. El mon´┐Żxido de carbono es muy peligroso.

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